Things go in cycles: spring, summer, autumn, winter – a fact on one hand, on the other hand the Nordschleife, always good for a surprise. Today, autumn’s perspective, based on an overview on the last decades and related gained experiences.

In autumn you can be confronted with the conditions as described for spring and summer (please see blogposts 198 and 213). Keep in mind: Nordschleife is and will remain Nordschleife! Do not underestimate the manifold challenges of this track.

The Castiron rode his very first laps on this track in autumn, quite a long time ago. This time of the year offers some additional challenges. For instance, leaves are not only on the trees and you are confronted with end-of season road conditions.

The leaves. Very beautiful on the trees, not very pleasant close to the vehicle. Covering the tarmac ground contact gets tricky, especially in wet. Swirling around in the air can mean that the cooling openings are no longer free – overheating can occur, a pit stop to remove the leaves can become inevitable. 

The end-of-season road conditions. In brief: partially quite bad. Mainly braking zones can be wavy and acceleration zones slippery – especially in slower curves. As in daily traffic, the many vehicle strains the road surface. Adjusting the riding style and the line selection helps.     

Again: Nordschleife is and will remain Nordschleife! Be aware, that especially the weather in this region (listed below, as a little help: some localities very close to the Nordschleife) and all its related factors do not make things easier. Be alert – have a safe and effective drive, being it on the track or on the road.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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PS   Localities, relevant for selective weather forecasts Nordschleife:
53520 Nürburg  
53518 Quiddelbach  
53518 Adenau  
53518 Herrschbroich  
53520 Döttinger Höhe  
53520 Meuspath  

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