Daily traffic, motorsports and human being – not always free of conflicts. Today, let us have a look at motorsports and the competitors, some brainless or with temporary blackouts, some forcing the issue under any circumstances (a borderline case, close to brainless).

No brain, brainless. Often, you find typical situations in the very first part of a race, immediately after the start; sometimes with the effect of a chain reaction, up to mass collisions. Please have a look at the video: it speaks explicitly for itself.

Temporary no brain. Blackouts are seldom helpful. It is a difference between permanent and temporary states – but both can have serious consequences. In any case, either way: additional difficult external conditions make things worse, usually.

Forcing the issue under any circumstances. Sometimes, this comes very close to brainless. The Castiron and his Ford Mustang, Eleanor V, the Circuit Zandvoort, the straight before the „Tarzenbocht“ right turn. A hot hatchback on the left, side by side, close to 125 miles per hour. Late breaking point, Eleanor V on the inside begins to prance: reducing brake pressure, countersteer, enhancing brake pressures, countersteer and reducing brake power again, continuing braking and turn into the corner. Space requirement: on the outside room enough due to a fair opponent with good overview, on the inside a little bit of lawn area touched. Finally, both made it, „Tarzanbocht“ left behind, less than 60 miles per hour curve speed.

Fortunately, people are capable of learning. Experiences and time help, sometimes it takes longer, sometimes improvement comes quite fast – let us hope for the best.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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