July 2019


One day, The Castiron had been made aware of a bow in Mickey’s possession; grandfather’s thoughts on grandson’s arming: „likely usual for many young boys, does he know the dangers?“ The Castiron is not able to answer these questions; but bows are in tradition with grandfather’s and grandson’s home country.

From Mickey’s bow to Wilhelm Tell and the crossbow: this is a daring attempt to reconcile this subject. It is a tale, inextricably linked with the long, long history of the Swiss Confederation – Wilhelm Tell, the legend, Swiss National Hero of Liberty.

One main issue of this tale: Wilhelm Tell was forced from a bailiff to shoot at an apple with his crossbow; he had to place the apple on his son’s head. Only one good outcome: no missing of the apple. Wilhelm Tell made it – just the apple received a hit. This is really made a long story short – quite a long story very short!

This brings us to the coming Thursday, August 1, the Swiss National Day and one of many folklore customs: crossbow shooting. The history of Switzerland might have been different without the brave men with their crossbows.

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In 1954, both, The Castiron and his grandson Mickey, were not yet born. It is now 65 years since the engines finally falled silent on the road racing circuit in The Castiron’s hometown. When the Historical Museum in this city had the exhibition on the Grand Prix Suisse, grandfather and Mickey took the opportunity for a visit: history came alive.

Let us share a few impressions. Mighty racing cars, powerful and fast, on narrow wheels. With vehicles like this, the drivers raced on a road with different surfaces: mainly tarmac and cobblestone. Almost everywhere enthusiastic spectators, in possible and nearly impossible areas.

This circuit was known as one of the most beautiful, but also most challenging and most dangerous. This venue of different races was one of the most famous in international motorsports. By now, not too many words – have a look at the picture gallery. Enjoy yourself!

Last but not least some facts and figures: the capital of Switzerland, Berne and the Circuit Bremgarten, length of 4.52 miles, spectator record more than 120'000 fans; events from 1934 to 1954, as of 1950 one of the races of the new Formula 1 (F1) Championship and one of the great classics of motorsports, as well as Nürburgring and a few other.

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Some time ago I had the opportunity to be with The Castiron on a racetrack - the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, dry track - in the jumpseat (please see blogpost 28). A huge experience, unforgettable. Now again, this time in Hockenheim, however wet, very wet. So grip at zero. In the morning, The Castiron in pole position at the pit lane exit; should we start slowly?

This time a German car, 6 gear shifter, rear-wheel driven, differential locking; the vehicle fights, the back is always instable. Sometimes the car pushes over the front wheels. The ideal line is no longer the best one. Grip today with these conditions, not too much.

The first curves are handled, no off the track departure, however always balancing between power and steering, steering-countersteering. The electronic system seems to be supportive not to overpush the car. However a smooth driving is impossible. The electronic action is “feelable”, tough braking or no possible power application. Some laps this way, it always feels enforced.

Then the best idea of The Castiron: all electronic systems OFF. Only the mechanical system. Analogue as the good old times. The Quaife differential locking can prove that`s all in line. It can! Unbelievable how the compact hatchback can drift around corners. Always in the instable driving mode, only fun. Always at the limit, feels like a game! All feels much faster around the corners.

What comes in The Castiron’s and my mind? “Freude am Fahren” (“Sheer Driving Pleasure”) is still achievable, but only if analogue/mechanical systems are in place and can be used.

Many thanks from The Castiron to Martin!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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151 REVIEW ON 102 TO 150

It is a good time for a short review, an overview emphasizing some points: memorable personalities, around the big family, contributions from third parties, practical helps for drivers (be it road or track) and last, but not least some pastor’s perspectives. 

Memorable personalities. Jackie Stewart (blogpost 112), Billy Graham (117), Paul Walker (120), Sebastian Vettel (127), Stefan Bellof (139), Jo Siffert (141). It is just a limited choice, based on The Castiron’s very personal dismay and point of view.

Around the big familiy of Eleanor V, The Castiron’s Ford Mustang. Some facts and figures on a remarkable brand, as well as related persons, are presented in blogposts 113, 114, 146.

Contributions from third parties. Blogposts 129 and 132 help to give a broader view,   PHOTO STORY - THE MONCH and BOOKS 201902: thanks a lot, your contributions are a great benefit!

Practical help for drivers. Blogposts 104, 108, 110, 115, 118, 124, 126, 133, 137, 138, 149 are mainly basic topics for road and track, such as   NOT LOSING CAN MEAN WINNING   /   DAILY ROUTINE HILL CLIMB /   SLIPPERY WHEN WET -   they mostly base on experiences and insights of The Castiron himself.

Finally, some pastor’s perspectives. Blogposts 106, 107, 116, 134 and 143 dealt with subjects as   LIVE FAST DIE SAVED   /   A TENTH OF A SECOND OR A DECADE   /   THE GRAND PRIX OF LIFE.   Further noteworthy, the blogposts 123 and 140 focus on   CHRISTMAS   and   EASTER   - two of the principal Christian festivals!

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