May 2019

146 THE BIG FAMILY 201905

And again, this is about the big family of the Ford automobiles all over the world. This time, it is from the period of life when The Castiron was a student. For today, let us have a look at another used car – a Ford Europe product, a Ford Taunus, built from 1970 until 1982. And: no, it was not exactly the specific car presented in today’s video; and again no: „Old Ford never die, they just run faster!“ did not match.

The Ford Taunus belonged to The Castiron’s household, an everyday car. In a few words: a two-door limousine, miserably motorized (4-cylinder-in-line engine, 55 horsepower), manual gear box, rear-wheel driven, weak and cheap – and grass-green! There is not much to tell about.

Something special has to be mentioned. Once on a cold winter morning, it was no longer possible to start this old, lazy vehicle – no, it was not an electrical problem. The starter was not willing to do the job in the cold, because of the inner mechanical resistances. A fellow student, who spent a part of his childhood in Africa, helped with advice and support: he overhauled this thing – and it worked perfectly from then on!

Next week, The Castiron will tell you quite a different story, from the same stage of life. Topic: HARD TARMAC

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PS   As an encore:


According to the English Wikipedia, Red Bull Ring Spielberg was founded as Österreichring. It was later shortened and renamed the A1-Ring and hosted the Austrian Grand Prix initially from 1970 to 1987 and then from 1997 to 2003. After 2003 the circuit was unusable for several years and reopened 2011, renamed as Red Bull Ring. One highlight among many others is still the annual F1 Austrian Grand Prix, returned for the 2014 season.

The track of Red Bull Ring Spielberg is as follows: the length is approximately 2,68 miles. It can be split into two separate tracks, north and south. It is hilly and twisty - a challenging task for the racer.

The circuit is situated on a slope; thus, some key passages are particularly demanding. Bends followed by long straights are always very important. One really crucial passage on this track is the right-hand bend after the long start-finish straight: upwards, upwards, upwards – that means, if not correctly lined up, every driver loses speed and time.

Please have a look at the video, too. The new, present circuit is shown – with an on-board camera in a Formula 4 race car.

Last but not least: it is a beautiful region, which invites you to stay for a few days.

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It is interesting, quite fast, located on a slope and because of that quite selective. These were The Castiron’s information, before he visited this racetrack.

Some time ago, The Castiron was in charge as instructor, still on the old circuit. The vehicles: in every sense sufficient, for the instructors and participants – sporty German four-door limousines with a V8 engine, rear-wheel driven.

This driver training was close to perfect, everything was right, starting with the weather, moving on through the general atmosphere and of course the driving activities. The powerful cars with the circuit and the facility were a good match. It was one of the driver training days, on which instructors and participants summed up: this day really included the certain something, that little inexpressible something extra!

Please have a look at the video, too. The Finnish professional racing driver Mika Häkkinen will present you an on-board lap, a very fast one with a Formula 1 race car.

Part II will bring you closer to the Red Bull Ring Spielberg.

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By Alex Dias Ribeiro.   Life is a race. From the starting line, all of us are part of this race. It isn’t a circuit like Monza, Silverstone or Monaco, which characteristics we already know well. It’s a much more difficult circuit, as we never know whether the next curve will be to the left or right.

In The GP of Life, we are subject to the same alternatives offered in any race: Sensational overtakings, spins, accidents, joy, sorrow, great victories or tragedies.

„Races are races“. The only certain thing in motor racing is uncertainty. In the race of life, the only sure thing is the inevitable and sad fact that one day all of us will die. Death is the checkered flag of the race of life and we can only finish winners or losers. There are no intermediate positions. 

The reality of the matter is that each person carries inside himself the profound, sad emptiness of defeat. But you can win this race and gain perfect love and constant peace, like you’ve never known before. However, you’ll have to choose the right team and the right track.

You will never find the way that leads to victory by yourself. Without help, you’ll be racing in the dark, no headlights, no brakes and lost as a blind man in the middle of a shootout!

There is only one who will surely and safely take you to victory: Jesus Christ.

He grants: „I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.“ He is the only track that leads to peace, happiness and eternal life.

Come this way, without fear or resistance, and soon you will see the signs that will lead you to the checkered flag of victory. Win with Christ the GP of Life!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron


PS   Source reference: autograph card from Alex Dias Ribeiro, Former F1 Driver. Thank you Alex for these precious thoughts – worth to think about!


Once upon a time there was a family: mother, father, The Castiron and his brother. The three men – two of them quite young – made from time to time excursions and visited some unforgettable events.

You had a look at the picture, and you know: the spark leapt over – motorsports, speed, heroes behind the steering wheel! Probably, that was the moment of this particular seed in The Castiron’s life, on the occasion of this motor show.

Another excursion left a formative impression, too: spectator at the Swiss St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers race, part of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship. At the start, among the many intrepid racing drivers: The Castiron’s compatriot Jo Siffert with his Formula 1 Lotus Ford 49B! Also this experience was really a very special highlight, almost indescribable.

Jo Siffert was one of The Castiron’s heroes, as well as Jim Clark (please have a look back at blogposts 141 and 86); outstanding sportsmen, winning in Formula 1 and in many other races. Both lived fast and died young; both were great characters, formative and unforgettable – not only for The Castiron!

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