March 2019


Today’s video, first of all insignificant, unspectacular, even perhaps boring ? Really? It tells a story of pollen grains in a few simple impressions. When pollen grains and moisture meet up at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and you as a driver are involved, too – things are changing rapidly to significant, spectacular, far from boring !

It has not necessarily to be the Nordschleife; it might happen somewhere else, in daily traffic on our roads, too. In any case: it is insidious and difficult to assess. Now let us have a look back at a trackday in last spring, Nordschleife.

April, white road surface: snow? No, pollen grains. After a short time of driving, the dry racing line is clean – but then very slight rain, every now and then. The scenario changes dramatically: not snow, but almost like snow. The pollen grains and the moisture interfere, it is an incalculable soft soap grip level. Reducing speed, trying to remain on the right track – not the best feeling!

Real rain would help, but does not come. In this case: preferably really wet than just humid! The day is coming to an end: drying road surface, a quite acceptable ideal line, at its side still white covered by pollen grains. Car and driver well, another lesson learnt – after decades behind the steering wheel. You live and learn!

Think and look around before you drive; when your environment and parked cars are powdered with pollen grains, your attentiveness should be turned in while driving – be it on track or on road. Do not forget: once, springtime is just around the corner, year after year!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron



Have you ever had the opportunity to have a Rallye World Champion as an instructor, when you participated at a driver training? Not some world champion, no, one of the greatest – and tallest: Walter Röhrl, for decades a living legend (please see blogposts 10 and 11, too). And not some racetrack, no, Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. One of the most exciting rendez-vous The Castiron ever had!

Nordschleife is always good for an explosive combination: unpredictable weather conditons, high speeds, sparse run-off areas. A small group of vehicles, headed by the instructor; a good opportunity to measure the own skills, to reflect and to improve.

You are just close to perfect, when you feel, everything takes place almost automatically. It allows for safety, sometimes gives a small reserve – but is not a full warranty. This day’s experiences confirmed all of this.

Today’s video is quite special and worth seeing: the Nordschleife, a beast of a car and Walter Röhrl, the great master. It is not the perfect lap (if possible at all on this track), but a great and impressive performance anyway!

A conclusion from another training on the Nordschleife, once again: an awesome day with great benefit! Not just thinking about - participation is a good idea! No success without continuous training, a truth for professional racing drivers and for people like you and me.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron



A friend of The Castiron said it this way: it is inside of you. This is probably a key message. Meeting the human being: body, soul and spirit. It is inside of you – is it really just this way?

Mainly yes, but not only. Contribution from third parties, such as those on tractor pulling, mountain tours and others more, are a great benefit – thanks a lot!

It is inside of you – this means decades of experiences and sharing some of the latter, being alert for current and historical issues and remarkable characters. In addition, The Castiron invites you to propose subjects (please see recommendation); considering these is a must and if possible, The Castiron can help, if he can – maybe soon, a blogpost based on your suggestion!

The topics should not run out. The Castiron (your real-life blogger) is looking forward optimistically; you, too – hopefully! And last, but not least: as mentioned in blogpost 53, do not forget to differentiate, to interpret, to examine.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron



One could also say: tenths of a second or decades – fractions of a second or long periods; today’s topic, seen from the racing driver’s view and the pastor’s view!

The racing driver’s view. Please see the picture, the two lowest lines: The Castiron 4:34.96 vs. his opponent 4:34.75; it is the total of a hill climb’s 2 heats. Finishing line, final result, difference per heat in the range of a tenth of a second. Note: The Castiron’s route knowledge was not absolutely perfect, he participated for the first time in this race; annoying, but fact. Fractions of a second decide on victory and defeat.

The pastor’s view. It is a matter of the entire life; seven or eight decades, as emphasized in the Holy Bible. Sometimes it is less, significantly less – just one of many: blogpost 120 was dedicated to Paul Walker, who lived only four decades. For those who want to know more: The Castiron invites you to read in the Holy Bible, Psalm 90, verses 10-12 (please see recommendation).

What does really count, fractions of a second or decades? It is quite difficult to answer conclusively. In either case, often it is a matter of significance, of relevance. Perhaps, this leads us to the question to all of us: what are you doing with your time?

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron


133 LONG TIME AGO 201903

Do you remember the blogpost 65 – the story of The Castiron’s first rendez-vous with the Nordschleife? It was the beginning of a great and ongoing love, associated with the insight of an existing great potential for improvement.

Improvement was needed, imperatively! The Castiron booked a so called intensive driver’s training. Then, the big day: Nordschleife, a sporty German four-door limousine, the instructor and just one single participant – The Castiron! On one hand 4 laps on the passenger seat, on the other hand 8 laps as driver, without any noticeable incidents.

Some essential insights: being aware of the long track’s basics, tangible reference points, racing line. The Castiron’s hill climb experience was very helpful in learning the track layout quite roughly.

Many years and hundreds of laps later, The Castiron is still learning – but also able to share much specific knowledge. Not least because of his extensive field of activity as an instructor (please see recommendation), too, he can impart many valuable hints – your future instructor maybe, once or repeatedly?!  

Nordschleife: even you do right quite a lot and just very little wrong – often, latter suffices for an unhappy ending (please see the video), somewhere between unpleasant and fatal. One essential conclusion: participating in driver trainings are very helpful and of great benefit, never worthless and sometimes lifesaving! Latter is not guaranteed, but you never have full guarantee in this world in matters of life and death.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron