August 2018

107 SOS

It was invented at a radio-telegraphic conference in Berlin, Germany, in 1906 and internationally adopted in 1908, exactly 110 years ago. It means „I am in extreme danger. Help me!“ and it is a signal sent by radio, when something (usually vessels) - and thus human beings - is in serious trouble.

Why the letters SOS? Radio signals at that time consisted of Morse Code - patterns of short sounds (dots) and long sounds (dashes). SOS in Morse Code is dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot. The thinking at the conference was, that it was a distinctive pattern, that could not be misinterpreted.

People often assume that it must be an acronym - three words starting with these letters. They say that it is a short for „save our ship“ or „send out succour“ or „save our souls“. In fact it never was.

Nonetheless, The Castiron is favouring the latter, „save our souls“, because it focuses on the essential - on this and  the other side of life. See today’s recommendation for further aspects on these significant basics!

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106 SRS

Today, the focus in on the SRS Motorsportwochenende, Sportler ruft Sportler („sportsmen call sportsmen“) and some related institutions. It deals with missions and visions, based on significant and engraving life experiences and mentions relevant cross references.

Throughout the last two years, The Castiron had the privilege to take an active part in the annual SRS Motorsportwochenende; motor sport at the center, but not only. A broad variety of persons, interlinked by the love for motor sport and Christian faith. 

Among others, The Castiron met memorable personalities, such as the men and women from Team Kaiser (more about them in blogposts 38 and 83) and Alex Dias Ribeiro (more about him in blogposts 73 and 89) - to name just a few. The latter, a former professional race-car driver, has been many years the executive director of Atletas de Cristo no Brasil, - an organization comparable with SRS. And: look at the picture - guess who is who, Thomas Kaiser (Tractor Pulling), Alex Dias Ribeiro (single-seater racing)!

What SRS is representing in the German speaking Europe, is Athletes in Action in the English speaking world (see recommendation). All institutions above mentioned have basically in common to meet the needs of sportspeople, holistic: body, soul and spirit.

Next week The Castiron will bring you closer to SOS.

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Photo: SRS Motorsport. Thank you!


105 UNIQUE 201808

Today’s blogpost retrospectively focuses primarily on one’s own account and on a conclusion of the different driving-styles, mentioned in former blogposts.

Exactly 2 years ago, The Castiron presented the very first blogpost. Although from a real-life perspective, one major aim was to create something unique - it is up to you to decide whether this has been achieved or not!

Former blogposts’ subject was on the issue of driving-style. Unique is also in this context a keyword. There are many possibilities to be under way, be it behind the steering wheel, be it generally on your road of life - in any case with the aim of a happy ending.

And remember: Seemingly each person has less than 10 lookalikes, if at all. Almost equal or quite similar, everyone is different, is unique! Just be yourself.

Next week The Castiron (your real-life blogger) will bring you closer to SRS.

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The outcome is essential. It is different but yet close to the subject „to finish first first you must finish“. To that, the racing driver’s view and the pastor’s perspective.

Overall and basically, a quotation from the former ski racer and television commentator Bernhard Russi: „It is a balancing act between too much and sufficient. Sometimes flat out does not fit. Sometimes full risk is not the key to success. Sometimes it is more important to avoid losing the race in certain passages instead of trying to win it there.“

By the way, this very popular Swiss won gold medals at Olympic Games and World Championships, downhill races and discipline titles - to name just a very few of his successes. So far a racing driver’s view, be it a ski racer or a motorsport racer.

It is similar in our lives. Calculated risk could be one term - not losing sight of the final outcome. The pastor suggests to cast a glance in the Holy Bible, Hebrews 13, verse 7 (see recommendation).

Decisive is the very final final; we all are on the track! And finally again: consider the outcome, it is depending on our being under way, too.

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No, it is not the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is the FIA European Hill Climb Championship; its first edition dates back to 1930. It is the scene of many, many different stories, from extremely sad ones to heroic ones!

A general description can be found on; in short: „It is an extremely intensive race for the driver, albeit a short one – a race against time on a narrow, winding road. The driver is very much alone – and his concentration is paramount, as well as his confidence in his vehicle and his knowledge of the snaking asphalt track. The slightest hesitation can seriously affect overall performance, as the timer seems to tick quicker than elsewhere. Race strategy is clear cut – a ‚maximum attack’ approach is required from the very first to the last centimetre of the route, as for an athlete running 100 metres. Hill climb offers authentic charm, with its natural setting, difficult roads, drivers who are truly driven, intrepid racing, finely honed engineering and proximity with the public.“

Hill climb was one of The Castiron’s great loves in his motorsport activities. The feeling to be very much alone, the loneliest man in the world for a few minutes: it is apparently impossible to describe. His heart still beats for that. And: it is helpful to know what challenges you are facing, sometimes in speed ranges from close to 100 miles per hour, sometimes even significantly more – depending on the vehicle and external conditions.

In a few days, the fearless drivers meet again in Switzerland, at the St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers race, August 18 - 20, 2018, for the FIA European Hill Climb Championship. It is one of the mountain races with frequently changing weather conditions; in combination with the horrendous speed, a highly explosive mixture!

Next week: Not losing can mean winning.

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