May 2018


The way human beings differ, so do driving-styles. Circumstances and situations are not always the same, too. There are various ways to keep on track - succesfully, fast and safely.

Today’s topic focuses on an ideal state. Close to this is one matter, to reach it, another one! For the racing driver it is measured by his sensation, ultimately by position and time.

During a circuit race the driver always knows what is going on. All opponents behind you and the feeling everything goes by itself, the checkered flag and you won the race. Hill climbs are different, also in this realm. You cross the finish line with the same feeling that everything went by itself - did it really perfectly? Only after your last competitor finished the race, you know if you are the winner.

Often, when your sensations were so superb, you really competed in an outstanding manner. This may mean, that your victory is accompanied by the fastest lap, a new course record or other additional excellent performances.

Eventually, you finished a race first, mastered perfectly every challenge during it, ideally combined with new records - and above all confirmed by your sensations, your feelings of happiness, all this during the race. Congratulations!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron


92 THE BIG FAMILY 201805

And again, this is about the big family of the Ford automobiles all over the world. In this context another name is worth to be mentioned, Basil Green from South Africa; but more of that later in this article. For today, let us have a look at a further used car – a Ford Europe product, a Ford Granada Mk I with V6 engine.

This car belonged to The Castiron’s household, an everyday car. In a few words: a spacious four-door-limousine, sufficiently motorized, with a sporty chassis setup without being uncomfortable. Both, the motorization and the chassis setup, probably lead Basil Green to the implantation of a V8 engine in such cars in South Africa.

According to Wikipedia, Basil Green introduced in 1973 the Ford Granada with the Windsor V8 engine. The car became a favourite of Ford’s chairman Lee Iacocca. Ford Cologne bought two of these vehicles to explore if they were suitable for the European market. The oil price shock ended these plans.

Basil Green planted bigger engines in different Ford models; the brand name Perana was added to the model name, except for the Granada. Beside Eleanor V, The Castiron’s Ford Mustang, a Ford with a V8 engine from Basil Green Motors would have been an attractive nice-to-have. It will remain just a dream – the young people from Ukraine in the video live it their own way.

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Keep an eye on your competitor, but do not stare at him – drive your own race! Although this is easier said than done.

Today, let us share a few main thoughts on this topic, mainly aspects of victory, fairness and safety. The latter leads us back to a basic insight: to finish first first you must finish. Without finishing a race all this is obsolete.

Victory, fairness and safety are meshing. The video speaks for itself: the definition of safety is mainly determined by the circumstances. Fairness goes hand in hand with safety and should be self-evident. But the racer’s aim above all is the victory.

You should know your strengths and possible weaknesses, as well as those of your opponents. A fighting spirit and patience should be in good balance – it has not to be fifty-fifty! In some races is just one chance to overtake a competitor: can you take this opportunity or are you not ready at this instant? Often, that determines winners and losers, decides on victory or defeat.

All this is a main aspect of motor sport, which makes it so thrilling and fascinating for drivers and spectators. The Castiron hopes, these thoughts are helpful to draw your own conclusions. And once again: do not forget, helmet on does not mean brain off!

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First of all a quotation from one of the major pioneers in contemporary automobile racing, Colin Chapman: „Adding power makes you faster on the straight. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.“ That’s it.

Power and weight go hand in hand, inseparable – resulting into the power to weight ratio of any vehicle. But this is more than a number. Let us have a look at just some basic facts.

A light car brings along advantages in fuel efficiency, wear and tear, braking, handling dynamics in general. Some positive side-effects: fuel efficiency allows a smaller and lighter fuel tank, lightness allows smaller dimensions for the braking system (thereby reduction of the unsprung mass), and so forth.

More power and unmodified weight is rather cost-effective. Unmodified power and weight reduction is relatively expensive. More power and less weight sounds best, but is the most expensive option. Decide yourself and do not forget: finally, it is a compromise in any case. The Castiron prefers lightness, as far as possible and affordable.

Colin Chapman, design engineer, inventor and founder of Lotus Car went to the limits of saving weight, sometimes beyond; saving weight has to respect the aspects of safety – this has to be said. Nevertheless, today’s video is primarily a tribute to this outstanding personality, who had a tremendous influence on improving racing cars.

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