January 2018


First of all, please have a look at the video. Vaidotas Zala - a well-known driver? An overview on the past year caused The Castiron to award this title to this driver; it is just a personal and unofficial choice. 

Just a few keywords and thoughts: driving ability, ride feeling, car control - brilliant, bold. The Castiron is very impressed; he has always held the rallye drivers in high esteem. 

A short analysis: the driver definitely knew before the knoll what awaited him in the next moment. Precise instructions of the co-driver are usual and very helpful. And it was 100 percent, everything fitted. 

The conclusion: as a driver you have just lost, when your counter-steering ends because of the vehicle’s limited steering angle and the car is not yet under control. Then you have reached the point to brake, to reduce as much speed as possible - hopefully to avoid the experience of a nasty surprise. 

A recommendation: in order to even have the slightest chance in situations like this, it is a must to be prepared. There are the mental aspects and the driving ability. For example, driver trainings are of great benefit, but not a guarantee. Participate in it, be it during winter or in sommer - even better, during winter and in sommer! 

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron 

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The way human beings differ, so do driving-styles. There are various ways to keep on track - succesfully, fast and safely. 

The Castiron shares his point of view on engineers, based on gained experiences as racing driver and instructor. Best preparation and precise execution are likely keywords. 

Usually, the engineer’s driving-style is very precise, brake point and cornering line are identical lap after lap – the exception proves the rule. That means a constant high speed level and very little room for faults. Route and line knowledge are a matter of fact. 

The basics for a clean driving-style are important to him, too. Obviously he likes to answer questions about technical themes and has a close connection to the vehicle components. That goes as far as either treating the car with great care or just opposite, testing and stressing the components to the uttermost limits of their strength. 

The Castiron guess is that the engineer and the engine are like old relatives: the one artefacted the other and usually both work quite perfectly. And: it does not mean, that all this is just the case for engineers. 

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron 

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Have you ever had the opportunity to have a multiple winner of the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans on the passenger seat or to ride with him? One of these winners, Marcel Fässler, WEC World Champion 2012 (see blogpost 40) played a leading role, when The Castiron took part in a driver training in Lignières in Switzerland, last summer. 

This small circuit allows speeds similar to those in a country with speed limits; to that, Marcel Fässler as an instructor, accustomed to high speed. This combination and the very personable manner of Marcel („the nice guy next door“) promised an unforgettable and incomparable experience. 

Marcel on the passenger seat of Eleanor V, The Castiron’s Ford Mustang. The emphasis is on a very clean driving style, to handle the car with care as far as possible and self-reflexion to detect driving errors. To be fast in combination with a gentle driving was a very precious hint, yet The Castiron’s drifter heart was bleeding a little bit. 

The Castiron’s ride on the passenger seat of Marcel’s car. Discreet fast, constantly precise and quite gently, mostly stable vehicle condition, almost free of faults - overall a very strong feeling of safety. 

The Castiron’s conclusions for himself: if possible handle the car with care, be fast in combination with gentle driving and again and again self-reflexion; this includes also the realization, that there are commonalities and differences within the multitude of motorsport contests and the appropriate driving manners. Thank you, Marcel and maybe, see you again – it was a great day! 

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron 

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Ribeiro was perhaps best known for his proclamation of faith in the form of „Jesus Saves“ slogans on his Formula One cars. He subsequently went on to perform chaplaincy at the F1 events he attended as the driver of the medical car; he is arguably the most accomplished driver in the „Christians in Motorsport“ group . 

In 1994, he joined the Brazil National Football Team as a pastor at the FIFA World Cup in the United States of America. He held worship services for the team and later wrote a book about the team’s journey to victory, titled „Who won the 1994 World Cup“ (”¿Quien ganó la Copa Mundial?”). 

At the 2002 Brazilian F1 Grand Prix, Ribeiro was involved in a potentially serious incident. During the morning warm-up on race day Sunday, Enrique Bernoldi crashed his Arrows in turn 2. When Ribeiro, the driver of the medical car, went out to check Bernoldi, he opened the door of the car. Just as he opened it, Nick Heidfeld came along in his Sauber, and smashed into the open door. Both Ribeiro and Heidlfeld were uninjured. 

In 1981, Ribeiro wrote an autobiographical book called ”Mais Que Vencedor” (translation goes something like „More Than A Winner“), in which he names March owner Max Mosley „Mack Mouse“ and March engineer Robin Herd „Robin Hood“ – we laughed a lot together! 

Many thanks from The Castiron to Michael / SRS Motorsport! 

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron 

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PS. On the occasion of the SRS Motorsportwochenende on January 19 to 21, 2018 you have the unique opportunity to meet Alex Dias Ribeiro. You will find further information on the SRSMotorsport-website.