July 2017


Main picture.   Blüemlisalphütte, 2840 meters above sea level, 03:00 am, breakfast; that means wake-up call at 02:40 am. In the darkness you try to get dressed, the right clothes, the correct order. 

Picture gallery photo 1.   After breakfast it is time to fit the step irons; it is cold, 03:20 am, the first steps towards the glacier with a headlight, otherwise the darkness reigns. Silence, just the snow crunches. What a wonderful calmness, you hear only the regular steps of the mountain guide. We climb the steep saddle. From the East the morning dawn is rising. 

Picture gallery photo 2. The sun is not yet up, but you see an impressive range of blue and red tones. And then the moment: the sun appears over the horizon – taking pictures, being astonished! 

Picture gallery photo 3.   We ascent the flat rocks and get at the summit. The world with its questions and sorrows is getting smaller and it seems, you are able to seize the three dimensions. 

Picture gallery photo 4.   Around 06:30 am, we reach the peak; it is very impressive, in each direction the ground descends steeply, even vertically. Glorious weather, perfect view, mountaintops vie with each other – Matterhorn, Jungfrau and also the Mont Blanc seems to be very close. Breath taking! And all of that should base on the big bang theory, by coincidence? Impossible! Honour to our creator! 

Picture gallery photo 5.   Then the descent; the same route, total concentration, rocks, glacier crevasses and other though challenges. 

Picture gallery photo 6.   The comedown on the mountain trail is quite relaxing. At 2:00 pm I am lying in the green grass, in the midst of multicoloured mountain flowers. 

Picture gallery photo 7.   The Blüemlisalphorn is laughing at me and „waving me goodbye“! 

Many thanks from The Castiron to Ueli! 

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron 

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A few weeks ago another trackday on the Nordschleife, beautiful weather but not too hot, best conditions on one hand and on the other hand the fact, Nordschleife is and will remain Nordschleife – The Castiron and Eleanor V, the Ford Mustang, were ready to take the challenge; two experiences seem especially noteworthy. 

The triple right hand bend before „Wehrseifen“, downhill, close to 90 miles per hour. Usually, you drive this bend as one, just one steering movement and the apex in the second part. Since the beginning of the lap, The Castiron followed another car; there was no chance for overtaking. At this point that white car in front was a little bit faster and The Castiron a little bit too fast: instead of kissing the apex perfectly, Eleanor V began quite hugely to oversteer. It is a big difference in such a situation to have either a straight in front of you or a curve progression, which leaves less space for correction. The Castiron countersteered as fast as possible and as much as necessary and could handle the situation and consequently the third part of this bend, too. 

The car in front of Eleanor V then gave The Castiron the possibility to pass, but followed like a shadow. Conclusion: do not try to remain on the heels of another car at all costs, whatever the situation – do your own thing! 

The straight before „Bergwerk“, another lap, another competitor. The organizer allows overtaking only on the left side, according to the German road traffic regulations. This time, The Castiron was significantly faster and thought, the other driver had seen him. Eleanor V was on the left side of that red car, around 100 miles per hour and the other car moved to the same side – obviously, the driver was not aware of Eleanor V! The Castiron pulled towards the left, two wheels on the grass verge, braking quite hardly. The other driver awakened and left just enough room for Eleanor V. 

A contact with the crash barrier and / or between the two cars could be avoided. The Castiron knew from a former experience that braking with a car with ABS is possible also in such a situation: two wheels on the tarmac, two wheels on the grass verge – it was really helpful. The Castiron’s opinion on overtaking on the track is, that being allowed to overtake on both the left and the right is the better way. Conclusion: do not count on the other driver and be prepared for everything, as far as possible! 

Last, but not least: keep in mind, do not underestimate the manifold challenges of such a day and remember, it is a trackday, not a race, with the main aim of having a happy day – driver and car both well, after a satisfying day with a lot of good (and sometimes thrilling) experiences. Enjoy yourself!    

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best! The Castiron 

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Sportcars Day Ascona. The Piazza, Sunday morning, all cars are ready for the parade, the common tour to Sonogno! It led through the Verzasca Valley, with its steep slopes ending at the bizarre river landscape, flanked by the majestic mountain backdrop.

Once arrived at the picturesque village of Sonogno, a rich aperitif was prepared for all the happy people. Afterwards, the way back to Ascona conveyed also highly versatile impressions and ended on the Piazza in Ascona. There, the event continued with perfect sunshine, music and a delicious dinner. Soon the hour of our departure came and it was time to say goodbye.

Safely arrived at home, it was time to reflect. Seemingly, many of the participants worked a lot in their lives and took the opportunity for a beautiful day in a good mood together with their special cars and like-minded people. My conclusion is to come back some day, when the former racing driver Jo Vonlanthen and his team will invite again to the Sportcars Day Ascona.

This trip, this event gave me a lot of precious time together with my good friend The Castiron to share our common hobby and other interests. We could spend a relaxing time among like-minded people. This is reason enough for thanking and I hope to return the favour one day.

Please note: on September 17, 2017 it is time again for the Sportcars Day Ascona (see recommendation). This leaves a few weeks of anticipation, be it as spectator or participant! 

Many thanks from The Castiron to Adriano!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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Sportcars Day Ascona. What is hiding behind this apparently interesting activity in September in the canton of Tessin in Switzerland? Is it one of those snobby events, where see and be seen is the primary objective, presenting the last achievements, be it a car or female companion? These questions went through my mind when I got the invitation to participate in this event together with The Castiron. As a technically interested person (road / water / air) of course I accepted - and did not regret it at all.

The event. The trip on Saturday was an extraordinary experience. Eleanor V, the Ford Mustang, was driven by The Castiron spiritedly and sovereignly; taking the pass roads we arrived with beautiful weather before sunset in the canton of Tessin. In Losone we enjoyed the dinner and the other morning a very short trip lead us to the Piazza of Ascona where we parked our neatly cleaned vehicle.

There has been adequate time to admire all the pleasantly arranged cars and to talk with the other participants. This was the beginning of the Sportcars Day Ascona.

You will read more in Part II next week. 

Many thanks from The Castiron to Adriano!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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