August 2016


You shall know what you get. It comes from life; from the racetracks, trackdays and driftdays; technical knowledge. On top also challenges and specials, as you experience it in your lives.

To let you know a little bit more, for instance: „Nürburgring Nordschleife“ and other racetracks, „Too fast or too slow“, „Trembling hands“, „Impressions from the passenger seat“, „Unique“, and so forth; and very soon more about „The Castiron und Eleanor V“.

Especially, in December, you can read „More on the Why“ in addition to last week’s blogpost.

This is for petrolheads, but it is much more; it is also for many other people, it is for you. Next week you will learn more about emotion before perfection; see you soon!


God bless you, all the best!
The Castiron



Why not? For a long time The Castiron was not interested in blogs, in blogposts. Some months ago, he read something about this. And one thought remained: I also can do it! March 26th, the Saturday before Easter this year, he got up in the morning and knew „let’s do it“.


Sharing many things from many years and actual ones – with you; as life is, with a lot of daily business in different realms and topics – based on The Castiron’s life and biography, which will be presented to you in a blogpost in a few weeks.


One major point in advance: often you will meet Eleanor V in future blogposts; she is a Ford Mustang GT Premium V8 – and she likes it fast and crazy and is pure EMOTION BEFORE PERFECTION.


Crazy, serious, risky, reflective, fast, slow and much more has to and will occur when we meet again. It’s for some but not for all.
More next week, in two weeks, in three weeks ...


Next week, on Friday, August 26: FUTURE TOPICS


God bless you, all the best!

The Castiron