205 THE BIG FAMILY 202007

And again, this is about the big family of the Ford automobiles all over the world. For today, let us have a look at a further used car – an early nineties European Ford Sierra. In this context the sporty aspect is worth to be mentioned: in motorsports events, different types of this vehicle model have been very successful – many of them powered by quite extreme powerful engines.

This car belonged to The Castiron’s household, an everyday car. In a few words: a mid-size 3-door liftback limousine, sufficiently motorized, with a sporty chassis setup without being uncomfortable. Soon turned the question arose: probably a little bit more than just an everyday car, perhaps an all-in-one machine suitable for every purpose?

A rear-wheel driven limousine with a naturally aspired 4-cylinder-in-line engine (this time not the V6 motorization), a manual gearbox and a limited slip differential – and a plus point not to be underestimated: a curb weight of significantly less than 3000 lb, tank filled to the rim, driver inside the car!

Some improvements to the car, primarily to brakes and suspension – still street legal, but now ready for greater deeds: this was back then the basis for taking part in diverse sporty events, too. Races on airfields, some drift contests and trackdays (latter mainly on the Nordschleife) provided for fun and valuable experiences; in addition there was a participation at the Gurnigel Hill Climb, The Castiron’s home race.

This was only a very short insight into the long liaison with this Ford Sierra. There would be so much more to tell about common adventures in daily life and on specific occasions; one of them, you can find in blogpost 60 – an experience at the Nordschleife.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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