Today’s focus is on another hero of the past, Herbert Müller, also known as Cigar Herbie (11th May 1940 – 24th May 1981). This blogpost is dedicated to this Swiss –  smoking cigars as an evident mark. He would have turned 80 this month.

As relaxed and funny his nickname sounds (Cigar Herbie / Swiss German „Stumpe Herbie“) as awful were the circumstances of his death. This is the extremely sad and harrowing story of motorsport, Nürburgring, fire accidents and the racing driver Herbert Müller – just as much as necessary, not as much as possible. It is hard to find the right words.

A brief comment on today’s video: the final accident was not his first fire incident. In 1972, Herbert Müller could free himself (shown at the end of the video) and ran as a living torch to the stewards, who extinguished the fire  – the same driver and the same racetrack.

Years after the unconceivable tragedy in 1981, The Castiron met a man, who had been an eyewitness as a spectator. The deep involvement was still perceptible and one point really harrowing: he said, the specators heard Herbert Müller squall in pain until the loss of consciousness.  

This time, Herbert Müller could not free himself. All this causes tremendous anguish and makes us tragically aware, how transient our being in this world is.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

Recommendation:       http://www.herbertmueller.ch/

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