In one month, a week before Pentecost, one of the really great motorsport highlights will take place: the traditional 24-h-Rennen Nürburgring (official „ADAC TOTAL 24H-RACE“), on May 21 - 24, 2020. When the subjet is Nürburgring, preview must be combined with review – in order to know what has to be expected. 

Review. Besides all unpredictable factors relating to the teams, the drivers and the cars, Nürburgring offers a wide variety of surprises, mainly based on the weather in this region. In 24 hours you can be faced with the weather conditions of the four seasons – quite a broad range! Usually, racing driver’s nightmare – there are just a few geniuses behind the steering wheel, who are able to handle it really well. And, never forget: it is Nürburgring with the legendary Nordschleife!

Preview. According to the official website (please see recommendation), the pilots are racing around the 25-kilometre (more than 15 miles) long combination of Nordschleife and Grand Prix Circuit. This race promises to be a race of superlatives as always and pushes men and machines to the limit. It is a unique opportunity to experience a field of entrants with way about 160 vehicles, driving at full speed for one whole day and night around the longest racetrack of the world. In brief: a real thriller.

Especially applicable for this historical and gorgeous motorsport event: you never ever can exclude big surprises! Not until after the waving of the chequered flag we will know the outcome – and not one moment before.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

Recommendation:       https://www.nuerburgring.de/en/events-tickets/automobile/adac-total-24-hour-race.html

PS   Important, new date   -   important, new date   -   important, new date:
due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 24H-RENNEN NÜRBURGRING 2020 is postponed to September 24 – 27, 2020 !

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