Feel at home: who, where, with what ?  Today’s topic focuses on you and the ambition to be familiar with your vehicle – easier said than done; daily traffic presents the sad reality, in motorsport it looks much better, thankfully.

Be it road or track, it is essential. Feel at home – what does that mean ?  At home, really at home: it is normal to find one’s way – even in the darkness. Is it the same, when you go by car ?

Today’s video focuses on one of The Castiron’s favourites: rallye drivers. Their job behind the steering wheel is depending mainly on two main points: the co-driver and to be familiar with the car in a really perfect manner – in other words, to feel at home.

Greatest confidence is involved here, also automatism. This video is worth a thousand words. Ask yourself: to feel at home in my car, is it also the same with me ?  A strong dose of self-confidence – yes! Pride, arrogance – no!

Thus, to feel at home in the best sense of the word and be familiar with your vehicle. It is of utmost importance for your safety and your success in motorsports. The other side of the medal with the focus on the racetrack: see part II next week.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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