It is far away from home – considerably more than half a day to travel by car and it is quite steeped in history. This is what The Castiron knew, before he visited this racetrack, some time ago.

The Castiron was in charge as an instructor, still as part of his basic training, together with another trainee, Frank. The vehicles: in every sense sufficient, for the instructors, trainees and participants – sporty German two-door coupes with 6-cylinder-in-line engines, manual transmissions, rear-wheel driven.

The powerful cars were a good match with the circuit. Two person per car, this time Frank behind the steering wheel, The Castiron on the hot seat beside him. A situation occurring time and time again, on racetracks, too: a bend combination downwards, concretely the demanding passage „Omega“ and in this case probably a little bit too optimistic speed level.

Taking back the accelerator pedal, the car gets a light rear part and begins to oversteer, Frank still outwardly easy and relaxed – a little bit too much? Yes, but too much oversteer! The Castiron says: brake! Frank begins to countersteer, still easy and relaxed. The chances for a happy end are decreasing rapidly; The Castiron shouts: brake! And Frank brakes, does the maximum – and the car grinds to a halt with the front little before the crash barriers. Looking at each other, breathing deeply, driving on.

For both, Frank and The Castiron, the experiences of this day on the Sachsenring were a further step on their way as trainees to achieve their common goal to complete the training as instructors successfully.

Part II will bring you closer to the Sachsenring.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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