Last week’s blogpost dealt mainly with many horsepowers, 1 hp and a wedding, the church and its minister. Today, in this broader context, we are looking back to the 18th century.

One example, one shaping character was George Whitefield (16th December 1714 - 30th September 1770) – an itinerant preacher, serving in Great Britain und the United States of America. He had a dramatic impact on the enormous change in those dark times, spiritually and socially – and it was urgently needed! His major means of transport onshore: 1 hp, a horse.

During his travels in America, he was on the horseback for several thousand miles, with the intention to become more familiar with this state. Moreover, he held more than thousand sermons – in front of myriads of people. Often, he spoke to more than twenty thousand people on one single event.

In Great Britain it was the same. There, furthermore, he made a special journey from Scotland to Wales: George Whitefield rode 300 miles in order to marry – on an excellent horse, having received it as a gift.

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PS   Source reference: Benedikt Peters, CLV, George Whitefield; www.clv.de

PPS   George Whitefield: „Come poor, lost, undone sinner, come just as you are to Christ.“   Reported in Ernest Bormann, Force of Fantasy: Restoring the American Dream (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1985), p. 73.

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