What has the driving of a car and The Castiron’s ministry as a pastor on the occasion of a marriage in common? It was the wedding of a couple where both had a close relationship to horses – one horsepower, four legs, not for wheels.

Everything was ready, The Castiron prepared for the marriage service, waiting by the church. A man arrived, leading a horse on a long rein. The animal was intended to bring the bride to the church – and it was nervous and shied; a churchyard with strangers is not a horse’s natural territory. The man kept calm, allowing the horse a certain radius – and did not lose the control; he managed the situation perfectly, was always in charge of the situation.

The story had a happy end, the bride was brought to the wedding on the horseback, The Castiron held the service and the bride and the groom got married. One picture remained: the man who hold the nervous horse on the long rein, keeping the control. A sermon for itself.

This man was also a little bit a tamer. And as a driver of motorcars, mostly on racetracks, sometimes you are challenged to be more than just driver: when the car gets nervous, developing the own will, the driver has to be tamer, too.

It was a good and lasting lesson. The Castiron and Eleanor V, his Ford Mustang, work quite well together: on one hand the American muscle car, V8 engine, quite powerful, far from optimal traction (not very well-balanced, „light“ rear axle); on the other hand the man behind the steering wheel, a mixture of driver and tamer, holding the pony on the long rein, not losing control, hopefully.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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