Fear makes you uncertain. Uncertainty, lack of self confidence and little trust in the car and circumstances entail mistakes. All of this matters: in a nutshell, the highest level of trust, without arrogance – instead of fear. The event, the car and demanding sections on the track are in today’s focus.

The event. For today, let us concentrate mainly on rallies, hill climbs and drift contests. The video says everything. Not the slightest room left for fear and faults. Rallye sport in this extreme action – a matter of life and death, especially for reckless spectators. Hill climbs are similar, but usually safer for the enthusiastic crowd. Drift contest equally are mentally challenging; when you are afraid, that your drift will fail, usually it will: understeer instead of oversteer, false line, disharmonious drift, and so on. The inevitable happens: it won’t come out the way ist was supposed to. It will come out the way it is feared.

The car. Walter Röhrl, the driver of the car in the video, once said: „A car is only then fast enough, when you are afraid to unlock the door in the morning.“ The car in video is such a beast. No fear, just respect! When your car is scaring you, too powerful, too bad chassis or whatever: do not forget, fear is not helpful.

The demanding sections on the track. Nürburgring Nordschleife, „Schwedenkreuz“, „Fuchsröhre“, to name just a few. Passages, where for split seconds this feeling can arise: I am passenger, not pilot! Without fear, mentally prepared, you know directly before such key sections: a good outcome can be estimated, usually.

And again, what matters: self-confidence, trust in the car and circumstances; in a nutshell, the highest level of trust, without arrogance – instead of fear. Have a safe drive!


See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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