According to the English Wikipedia, the town of Zandvoort is one of the major beach resorts of the Netherlands and hosted the Dutch Grand Prix from 1952 to 1985, as part of the FIA Formula One World Championship. During its absence from the Grand Prix calendar, the circuit had been extensively modified.

The track of Zandvoort is as follows: the length is approximately 2,68 miles. It is really diverse – a challenging task for the racer. Some compare it with a roller coaster ride; nevertheless you are pilot, not just passenger.

The circuit is located in the dunes, very close to the sea. There are some key passages. One of them, the blind passage „Slotemakerbocht“ before „Scheivlak“ can be a dance on razor’s edge – the uneven surface does not help either.

Please have a look at the video. Impressive pictures from the good old days – not merely good, but also often quite dangerous.

Particularly noteworthy: it is a beautiful region, which invites you to stay for a few days and, Zandvoort will be again the host of the Dutch Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix, next year in 2020 – a special highlight for this World Championship.

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Recommendation:       https://www.circuitzandvoort.nl/en/

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