One of The Castiron’s basic information was the description of this legendary international motorsport track by the Dutch racing driver Robin Frijns: „a track of the old school, does not allow mistakes – otherwise you will end into the gravel bed or directly in a rampart. Upwards, downwards and often squally wind – sometimes blowing sand onto the track; the grip level can vary from lap to lap.“

These were some of The Castiron’s basics, when he attended a trackday some weeks ago in late spring, one cool and wet morning. The Castiron and Eleanor V, his Ford Mustang, enjoyed this day so much. Wet, and finally dry conditions – this broad range was the setting for a fantastic day!

Eleanor V and wet tracks is a delicate combination. After a few laps, it was just great fun. The road surface’s feedback was confidence building, predictable with a good response – a wet track like this, just a great pleasure! Later on, it was dry – the pleasure lasted for the whole day, the challenge was a bit easier.

The Castiron loves this varied track. One part must be mentioned extra, the blind passage from „Slotemakerbocht“ to „Scheivlak“. The Castiron and Eleanor V experienced this challenge as follows: you reach this passage, shifting from 3rd to 4th gear and you know, somewhere before the right-hand bend „Scheivlak“ is the braking point – behind the crest. Flat out or not? Flat out works, but the car becomes really unstable. Flat out or not: you have to find the point and the feeling of satisfaction answers the question, whether you reached the perfect fit – or not! Please note: it is a description, not a recommendation!

Part II will bring you closer to the Circuit Zandvoort.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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PS   Source reference statement Robin Frijns: sportauto EXTRA  Alles über die DTM 2018

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