It has now been 3 years since The Castiron published his very first blogpost. Today’s subject is primarily on one’s own account. And again, it is a good time to say thanks to everybody!

There is the only one, the one and only: The Castiron (your-real life blogger), the man. As well: his Ford Mustang, Eleanor V, the machine.

Grandfather, racing driver, instructor, pastor – all in one, one in all. The focus: sharing many things from many years and actual ones, with you! As life is, with daily business in different realms and topics – based on The Castiron’s life and biography. Or, in other words: the real-life blogger; real life with ups and downs, with victories and defeats, not only highlights!

More about the man and the machine: The Castiron – please see recommendation; Eleanor V – please have a look at former blogposts (such as blogpost 6 and 8). Enjoy yourself!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

Recommendation:       http://thecastiron.ch/en/about.html

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