It is now exactly 45 years that Gianclaudio Giuseppe Regazzoni, known as Clay Regazzoni (5th September 1939 – 15th December 2006), was in the lead of the current Formula 1 (F1) World Championship – a racing driver known as The Indestructible, with a great moustache, from the small country of Switzerland.

It was after the Nürburgring race in summer 1974 which Clay Regazzoni finished first – one of his greatest victories, after his first one in Monza in his Formula 1 debut season. After a dramatic slipstream battle, he won this race ahead of Jackie Stewart; it was this first weekend in September 1970, when Jochen Rindt died in an accident during the qualifying practice session. The race, Regazzoni’s victory, everything: overshadowed by this tragedy.  

Clay Regazzoni survived all racing accidents – most of them uninjured – and got soon his nickname, The Indestructible. Please have a look at today’s video: Regazzoni ducked in his racing car and passed through beneath the crash barrier – one of the most incredible accidents with an unhurt driver in the history of auto racing.

Sadly, in the Long Beach Grand Prix 1980, a broken brake pedal caused a heavy accident; this crash brought The Indestructible from the Formula 1 race car into the wheelchair.

This compatriot of The Castiron remains unforgotten. It is not surprising that the man with the moustache – intrepid, reckless and courageous – was one of The Castiron’s major heroes. The nimbus of The Indestructible persists.

This hero of the past missed his major success in 1974: he finally finished the Formula 1 (F1) World Championship as vice world champion – Emerson Fittipaldi 55 points, Clay Regazzoni 52 points.

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