One day, The Castiron had been made aware of a bow in Mickey’s possession; grandfather’s thoughts on grandson’s arming: „likely usual for many young boys, does he know the dangers?“ The Castiron is not able to answer these questions; but bows are in tradition with grandfather’s and grandson’s home country.

From Mickey’s bow to Wilhelm Tell and the crossbow: this is a daring attempt to reconcile this subject. It is a tale, inextricably linked with the long, long history of the Swiss Confederation – Wilhelm Tell, the legend, Swiss National Hero of Liberty.

One main issue of this tale: Wilhelm Tell was forced from a bailiff to shoot at an apple with his crossbow; he had to place the apple on his son’s head. Only one good outcome: no missing of the apple. Wilhelm Tell made it – just the apple received a hit. This is really made a long story short – quite a long story very short!

This brings us to the coming Thursday, August 1, the Swiss National Day and one of many folklore customs: crossbow shooting. The history of Switzerland might have been different without the brave men with their crossbows.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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