According to the English Wikipedia, an underdog is a person, usually in sports, who is popularly expected to lose. In some cultures, underdogs are highly regarded; this harkens to core parables such as the story of David and Goliath (The Holy Bible, 1 Samuel 17). 

On racetracks, The Castiron made two essential experiences. On one hand: you drive fairly quickly on a circuit, and unexpectedly, all of a sudden a car passes by – an entire inconspicuous one; and this vehicle vanishes and you think: what was that? And: who is the underdog? 

On the other hand: Nürburgring Nordschleife, wet track, The Castiron with a German car, manual gearbox, rear-wheel driven, limited slip differential – though really moderate motorized (naturally aspired 4-cylinder-in-line) and not really a lightweight. One lap, 13 participants overtaken; never overtaken by another car. In dry conditions the opposite is the case, most of the time. Who is the underdog? 

Or: who is when the underdog? It is not only applicable for sports; it is valid for the entire life. The Castiron invites you to share your experiences (please see recommendation) on this subject. Thank you!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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